18 October, 12pm, Royal Suit of Transcorp Hotel, Calabar.

Proponent: Beatrice Opeolu

Speakers: Beatrice Opeolu, Gertie Arts and Tara Sabo-Attwood


African women generally are faced with gender discriminatory challenges that often limit their ability to reach their full potentials. The African girl-child in most cases, is traditionally raised with servitude attributes in preparation for her future roles as a daughter, wife, mother, sister in-law, daughter in-law, etc. This practice in itself is good for her because she then grows strong intellectually, emotionally and physically. She is equipped to be a good time and resources manager by the time she grows into womanhood.

The male child on the other hand, is usually groomed to grow into a ‘man’ that will assume leadership roles in the future at home and in the community. He will apparently become the ‘heir’ at some point, so investment into his future becomes family priority.

The very few girl children that overcome these traditional barriers enter into very competitive job markets with their male counterparts. The recognition of their achievements is often neglected and women need to work harder to impress the system of her competencies. Personal decisions and issues such as raising children, relationships, sexual harassment/abuse and health challenges are some of the several factors that stifle the progress of an average African woman professional.

Speakers at the event are Gertie Arts (The Netherlands), Tara Sabo-Attwood (USA) and Beatrice Opeolu (Africa). Each speaker will have 30 minutes to interact with the audience via presentations, video, activities, etc. or a mix of resources. There will be a reflection time for about 20 minutes when participants will be able to ruminate on practices, personal values and goals in order to map a way forward.

Participants will learn about spirituality, time management, emotional intelligence, empathy in the workplace as some values that may enhance their fulfilment. The event therefore seeks to provide a platform for SAF women to share their professional and gender –specific experiences. A reflective session will be created during the event and all attendees will be required to map a way forward.

Objectives of the Event

The event will:

  • Create a relaxing and safe environment for women to discuss women’s issues.
  • Demonstrate to participants that they are not alone in the world- every society has its own challenges
  • Assist attendees to reflect on their lives and practices and map out ways to overcome fears and grow to full potentials


Participation will be on “first come first served” basis and will be limited to 40 people. Onsite and online (via SETAC website) registration fees for the event are #5000 and USD20 respectively. Registration includes a “goodie bag” for every participant.


For more information about the event, contact Beatrice Opeolu.

For more information about the registration, contact Veerle Vandeveire. Note that onsite registration is possible for Nigerians.